About Me

Hi, I’m Sara! I’m an SEO + Website Strategist passionate about optimizing small business websites. I enjoy partnering with service-based business owners that are ready to take their web presence to the next level. If you want your website and overall online presence to match the high quality of your business, I’m here to help!

I Love Working With Entrepreneurs in the Health and Wellness Industry!

Since my early 20’s, I’ve struggled a lot with my health with very few medical answers. This has pushed me to do a lot of my own research, and in the process of educating myself I have grown a strong appreciation for honest brands with a genuine care for bettering the world.

I particularly like partnering with businesses that work to improve the health and wellness of our bodies and the environment!

I Spend A Lot of Time in Front of the Computer Screen 🤓

When I manage to escape the screen, you can find me:

  • »  exploring nature with my dog
  • »  playing board games with my husband
  • »  grabbing coffee with a friend
  • »  dancing
  • »  listening to podcasts or audio books
  • »  diffusing essential oils
  • »  tending the garden (during the short season we get in Minnesota!)

Online Optimization Experience

Since 2010, I’ve been helping businesses improve their visibility on search engines and create more engaging, intentional websites. I’d love the opportunity to help bring more awareness to your brand so you can grow and succeed online!

Some of the different small businesses I’ve worked with include:

» Health coaches «
» Fitness instructors «
» Health care practitioners «

» Authors «
» Photographers «
» Artists «


» Doggy Daycare «
» Lawyers «
» Home Remodelers «


I have fun creating custom online strategies that meet you where you’re at, because everyone is at a different part of their online marketing journey and everyone’s business is different. Whether you need to totally uplevel your website or just need some pointers on where to focus your online marketing effort, I’m happy to help you improve your online presence in the best way for your business!

Let’s Make a Big Impact Together!

If you’re ready to bring more online visibility to your business, let’s talk! Set up a free online marketing consultation to understand how I can help you make a bigger impact with your marketing efforts.