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How Can I Harness The Power Of Client Love To Improve Search Engine Visibility?

Do you get amazing results for your clients and create a lot of happy customers? If yes, does Google know that your clients are really satisfied with the work you do? I’d love to help you translate that client love into SEO success!

Is your business listed on Google?

The first step to making Google aware of your happy clients is ensuring that you have a Google business profile. This profile will be a place for you to start gathering Google reviews (among other things).

I’ve done a lot of web audits for small businesses, and a common thread I’ve noticed is that many small businesses haven’t created a Google business profile. If you fall into this camp, you’re seriously missing out on potential search engine visibility!

Why getting online reviews is so important for SEO

Have you ever searched for something on Google and seen the map results with nearby businesses listed? All of that information is pulled from Google business listings, and from my experience businesses with recent reviews tend to show up more prominently than businesses with older (or without) Google reviews.

Let’s look at an example. I performed a Google search for “Minneapolis fitness instructor”, and the top result in the Google local pack has a review from 4 days ago.

If you want to improve your chances of prominent positioning on Google, getting consistent reviews is going to be of great help. Start making the ask for reviews a regular part of your business process! (after you’ve created a Google business listing, of course!)

Send clients a direct link to your Google business profile

Creating a short link for your business profile on Google and sending that out to clients will help make it as easy as possible for clients to find you and review you online. The less confusion there is, the greater the odds are that a client will follow through with leaving you a review on Google.

What if I don’t have a physical business address?

If you’re under the impression that you can’t list your business on Google because you don’t serve clients out of a consistent physical space (for example, you work out of your home and meet clients at their business), I have good news for you! Service providers are able to claim their business using their home address and specify a service area rather than displaying a business address.

Do you want even more tips on improving your Google visibility?