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Is My Website Getting Found In Search Engines?

Your website is published and live for the world to see, but is it getting found in search engines?

Look at Your Website Analytics

The easiest way to tell if people are finding your website in search engines is to look at your website analytics. For small businesses, Google Analytics is a great option because it’s free and simple to implement.

Within Google Analytics, you can refer to the Acquisition > Overview report to find the top channels that are driving traffic to your site. Here you’ll be able to see how much traffic you’re receiving from search engines. If the percentage of traffic coming from Organic Search is low, this may be a red flag that your website is not very visible within search engines.

From here, you can click into Organic Search, set the Primary Dimension to Landing Page, and see which specific content is driving in traffic from search engines. This will give you some insight into which pages are performing well in search engines and which pages could use some additional work and optimization.

Do a Google Site: Search

If you want to know which pages of your website are indexed within Google, you can do a site: search using your domain name. This will allow you to see how many pages are currently indexed.

If you have more pages on your website that should be indexed but aren’t, you should double check that your website has been claimed in Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) and that your XML sitemap has been submitted.

Submitting your sitemap to Google doesn’t guarantee that you’ll gain high visibility in Google’s search engine, but it highly increases the odds that Google will crawl your website pages.

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