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Keeping Your Business Information Up-to-date During COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is a really strange place right now, and there is new information coming at us by the minute. Brick and mortar businesses have been advised to close their doors, and many service-based business providers have been affected as well with the recommendations to stay at home and social distance for a few weeks.

If your business has been affected by the current pandemic, it’s really helpful to keep your business information updated online. Keeping your current and potential clients in-the-know of what’s going on with your business can help clarify what you’re available for during this season and reassure them that you’re still able to conduct business (if your doors are still open – physically or virtually).

Add updated messaging to your website

-Add a brief message to your home page alerting clients that your business is experiencing some temporary changes

-Create a deeper dive page with all of the information your customers need to be aware of right now – current hours, how your business is addressing the pandemic, when they can expect to hear an update, etc.

Update your Google Business listing

-Add in special hours if you’re not keeping regular hours for the time being

-Add a sentence to the beginning of your business description with any temporary changes happening with your business

-Create a post alerting people of your temporary business information – and point to the information on your website that you just added

Update your social media profiles

-Update your bio and business description with any relevant information

-Again, create a post that addresses your temporary changes

Don’t keep your audience guessing at any point

Be very clear about how you’re addressing the pandemic in your business so clients know what to expect for the time being.

Do you need any help adding updated messaging to your website?