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Simple SEO strategies that get your small business SEEN

Despite what you may hear, SEO does NOT need to be complicated. I’m here to show you how to simplify search engine optimization and implement strategies that increase your online visibility so that your ideal clients find you at the exact moment they’re ready to invest!

Not sure where to start? No worries! Here’s how you can learn more about SEO – or let me do it for you!

I’m new to SEO

SEO Group Coaching

Want to learn the what, why, and how behind SEO so you know how to use it in your business? This 9-week program combines trainings and 1:1 coaching to teach small business owners the simple SEO tactics that will get you visible in search engines.

Website SEO Strategy

Creating your first website – or updating your current one – and want to include done-for-you SEO? Or, are you a web designer looking to boost your client’s website and give them the best results possible? Either way, this one’s for you!

SEO Workshops & Trainings

Workshops are for you if you run a small group or mastermind that helps business owners grow, scale, and operate more effectively! These workshops provide SEO advice tailored to your group based on their goals and/or business type.

I’m experienced with SEO

SEO Audits

We’ll take a dive into your website and you’ll walk away with a list of the biggest SEO opportunities for your business. This will help small businesses who have already invested in SEO and know the basics, but want an expert set of eyes to review it and get feedback.

SEO Strategy Sessions

You’ve already invested in SEO help in the past, but you have specific questions or issues around set-up, strategy, or implementation. The strategy session is a high-level intensive that will give you clarity around SEO and expert advice on how to move forward.

Website SEO Strategy

You need help transitioning your existing SEO efforts to a new and/or updated website, OR you simply want to up your SEO game! I also partner with web designers who want to help create the best and most high-converting websites possible for their clients.

You’ve always wondered why or if you should care about search engine optimization. The phrase itself sends your brain into a frenzy because…well, what even is SEO?!

Don’t worry. SEO is a head-scratcher for a lot of people!

To put it simply: SEO is how you’re going to increase your website’s visibility so your ideal clients can find you right when they need you most!

Social media is a great marketing tool, but SEO is the long-term marketing strategy that yields long-term results. SEO keeps your content working for you for years after you’ve created it, and gets you the most return on your online marketing efforts.

Now, tell me you wouldn’t like to gather more leads in your sleep…

Hi, I’m Sara!

I’m an SEO Strategist for small businesses that are tired of struggling to get leads through their website. If you feel like your marketing efforts aren’t getting you the worthwhile results, listen in!

With a decade of marketing experience under my belt, I am passionate about helping small, local businesses grow their reach so that they can impact their industry and better the world. SEO strategy is how I plan to help you do the same – just with less effort on your part!

I also want to emphasize this: You are not inadequate or incapable of using SEO in your business. Through education and custom solutions to SEO, I can meet you right where you’re at and help you create a website that actually serves as a strong sales tool for your business.

Let’s increase your exposure to your dream clients, shall we?

I worked with Sara on my SEO strategy. She offered easy to understand insights and actionable steps that I could take to improve my existing SEO now, while planning for the future. I’ve already seen gains in website traffic since implementing some of Sara’s tips. She’s a pleasure to work with and a great resource when it comes to online marketing!

Stacey, Brand Strategist

Sara was a great help in making sense of the world of SEO and giving me the top 10 simple tips of how to make a bigger impact in how people find me through Google. It worked! Once I made those changes, I began to receive more inquiries through Google searches. Sara also has a patient and calm demeanor–which makes the process that more enjoyable.

Christi, Brand + Web Designer

Sara is so amazing when it comes to SEO! She explains things in a very easy to understand way. SEO can be really complicated, but the way Sara broke it down made it easy to understand!

Angela, Photographer

Sara has surpassed my expectations in multiple ways. She doesn’t just come in and take care of your SEO needs, she teaches them to you in a way that is simple and sustainable. Before working with Sara I knew SEO was important but had no clue what to do about it, now I understand what to do to make it easier for the people I want to serve to find me.

Christine, Relationship Coach