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Be a resource for your ideal clients

Does your website provide useful information for your ideal clients outside of educating them about your services?

In today’s crowded online world, having a minimal website that only shares information about you and your services isn’t going to be enough to get you ranking well on Google. You also need to be providing unique value to your ideal clients.

⇛ Do you hear a lot of the same questions over and over again from your potential clients?
Answer those questions on your website and allow people to get to know your business and process on a deeper level.

⇛ Does your industry require some client education? (hello, SEO!)
Share some useful tips or tidbits of your expertise that are helpful for your clients to know before diving into work with you.

⇛ Do you get great results for clients?
Share individual projects through a portfolio or case study section on your website that walks potential clients through your process and the results you’ve helped your clients achieve (and help potential clients see what you can achieve for them through working together).

Being a resource will not only help improve SEO, but it will create a deeper connection with the people that do land on your website!