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Not all website pages should be visible to search engines

Did you know that there are some pages on your website that should NOT be visible to search engines?

Most website platforms, by default, make all of your web pages accessible to search engines. That means if you publish a test page without changing the visibility settings, that page is visible to search engines (and therefore the public). The same is true for “thank you” pages – these typically aren’t meant to be found by search engines, but if the visibility settings aren’t changed they will be indexed by search engines.

⇛ The main reason all of this matters is because search engines crawl all of the visible pages on your website and use them as a whole to determine the overall quality of your website. If you have test pages with little to no content or value on them, they send poor quality signals to search engines and can negatively impact your rankings and trust within search engines.

This is a really common issue I see during SEO audits, but the good news is that search engine settings are fairly easy to change!

If you’re not sure how to change the settings on your website platform, a quick Google search can usually help you out.

If you do run into questions or issues as you’re making these changes, I’m happy to be a resource! 👩‍💻