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Your web designer is not an SEO expert

I’ve seen so many beautiful, freshly redesigned websites that aren’t getting any search engine traffic, and here’s why: your web designer is NOT an SEO expert!

Whether you’re in the process of redesigning your website with a web designer, thinking about redesigning your website, or just got done with a website redesign, this tip is especially important.

The role of a web designer is to build you a functional, aesthetically pleasing website that represents your brand. The majority of web designers I know and partner with do a great job of building websites that have a good user experience with nice color and font pairings. They’re focused on building a functional website that visually represents your brand, not on optimizing the SEO elements of your site.

Having a search engine marketing strategy behind your new, beautiful website will set your website up for success and help you get the most value out of your new website investment.

If you want to turn your website into a better selling tool for your business, I highly recommend pairing web design and SEO together!