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Say goodbye to Googling how to improve SEO (and still not knowing where to start)

If you’re struggling to get leads through your website – or if it’s a struggle for your ideal clients to even FIND your website at all – SEO strategy with an expert is your next step.

DIYing it isn’t moving the needle enough, but implementing SEO doesn’t have to be a complicated process either!

Whether you want to learn all the ins and outs yourself, or you’re looking for a done-for-you SEO option, together we can…

SEO consult
  • ➡  Increase your website traffic and get more leads in the door
  • ➡  Bring you out of hiding on search results so your people can find you
  • ➡  Create a website that acts as an actual sales tool for your business

Time to put SEO on your radar so YOU can get on the radar of the people you truly want to work with.

Here’s the thing: When you know your business is showing up in search engines and in front of the right eyes, you can refocus more on the pieces of your business that you love – consistent leads are taken care of!

With Sara Walsh Marketing, you get personalized recommendations and honest input on how to increase your online visibility so that you don’t have to market as hard. Plus, white hat SEO tactics that are legitimate and will not get your website penalized by search engines (yes, that’s a thing)!

And if that isn’t enough, you will gain clarity around what is actually driving in website traffic and what’s not, which means a clearer future content strategy! You can now blog with intention and know that it will bring in a readership of potential clients, rather than sit there collecting virtual cobwebs with no clicks.

What do you say we let SEO do the hard work for you?


For those New to SEO…

SEO Group Coaching

This 9-week program combines group trainings and 1:1 coaching to teach small business owners the simple SEO tactics that will get you visible in search engines.

Website SEO Strategy

You’re creating your first website – or updating your current one – and want to include done-for-you SEO. OR, you’re a web designer looking to partner up and implement SEO to give your client the best website possible!

SEO Workshops & Trainings

You run a small group or mastermind that helps business owners grow, scale, and operate more effectively, and you want SEO advice tailored just for them!

For those Experienced with SEO…

SEO Audits

Audits will help you if you’ve already invested in SEO and know the basics, but want an expert set of eyes to review it and give feedback on SEO opportunities.

SEO Strategy Sessions

You’ve already invested in SEO help in the past, but you have specific questions or issues around set-up, strategy, or implementation.

Website SEO Strategy

You need help transitioning your existing SEO efforts to a new and/or updated website, OR you simply want to up your SEO game!
Sara is so amazing when it comes to SEO! She explains things in a very easy to understand way. SEO can be really complicated, but the way Sara broke it down made it easy to understand!

Angela, Brand Photographer

Before working with Sara I knew SEO was important but had no clue what to do about it, now I understand what to do to make it easier for the people I want to serve to find me. Thank you so much!

Christine, Relationship Coach

Sara is approachable, honest and offers valuable insight for small business owners. I’m grateful for her guidance and accountability in an area of my business that needed significant improvement!

Monika, Family Photographer

Sara was a great help in making sense of the world of SEO and giving me the top 10 simple tips of how to make a bigger impact in how people find me through Google. I highly recommend her!

Christi, Brand + Web Designer