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SEO Audits

SEO Audits are designed to help small business owners who are familiar with and have SEO basics in place, but aren’t seeing the website traffic they want from it.

During your audit, I will review your current website and SEO strategy and give feedback, as well as the best next steps for you to gain more visibility in search engines.

Our goal is to find the gaps in your SEO and areas of opportunity to increase your website traffic so you can start seeing a bigger ROI from your online marketing efforts!

Choose between a Full Picture Audit or a Quick Audit.

Full Picture SEO Audit→

At this point, you’ve learned about SEO and implemented what you could on your own, but feel a little uncertain and want to know how you can improve it from here.

With the Full Picture Audit, I will take a look over your entire web presence through an SEO lens and target SEO opportunities for your website and other online profiles to maximize your reach in search engines.

This is typically recommended for those working with me for the first time and already have some awareness around SEO practices.

Includes a 60-minute consultation to review findings, go over recommendations, and answer questions!

This audit covers:

  • local Google visibility
  • technical SEO website opportunities
  • website content opportunities
  • website user experience opportunities

Quick SEO Audit→

The Quick Audit was designed for those who are ready to cut to the chase and get SEO working for them ASAP. Think of this as a quick brush-up on high priority SEO opportunities and quick pointers on action items!

After the Quick Audit is complete, you’ll have the top 3-5 action items for SEO that you need to start seeing greater visibility from search engines.

Includes a 30-minute consultation to review findings, go over recommendations, and answer questions!

I worked with Sara on my SEO strategy. She offered easy to understand insights and actionable steps that I could take to improve my existing SEO now, while planning for the future. I’ve already seen gains in website traffic since implementing some of Sara’s tips. She’s a pleasure to work with and a great resource when it comes to online marketing!

Stacey, Brand Strategist

Sara was a great help in making sense of the world of SEO and giving me the top 10 simple tips of how to make a bigger impact in how people find me through Google. It worked! Once I made those changes, I began to receive more inquiries through Google searches. Sara also has a patient and calm demeanor–which makes the process that more enjoyable.

Christi, Brand + Web Designer

Ready to gain clarity around the most impactful SEO tactics for your business?