Get Started with SEO

Everyone’s business and website is on a different journey, and I love meeting you where you’re at to create an effective SEO strategy that helps to serve your unique online marketing goals!

If you’re just getting started with your online presence:

Website SEO Basics

I recommend starting with Website SEO Basics. This is like SEO 101 for your website, where we’ll set a solid website foundation and get the SEO essentials in place.

Local SEO

If you serve clients in your local community, Local SEO is a really great way to get some quicker SEO wins in the local search results.

SEO Website Redesign

If you have a one-page website or you just put up a minimal amount of information on your site to get something up on the web (we’ve all been there!), you may want to consider a Search Engine Optimized Website Redesign to get your website fully optimized for both humans and search engines.

If your small business has been on the web for a while:

Full Picture SEO Audit

The best place to start is typically with a Full Picture SEO Audit. I’ll take a look over your business’s entire web presence through an SEO lens and give you feedback on the biggest opportunity areas on your website and other online profiles. Following the audit, I am available as a resource to implement the SEO opportunities discovered during the audit. I also partner with amazing web designers, copywriters, brand strategists, and web developers that I can pull into the project when needed.

SEO Content + Keywords

If you’re specifically looking for help with content strategy and which topics and keywords to include on your website, SEO Content + Keyword Strategy is for you. We’ll walk through how to find keyword ideas for your business and how to turn those keywords into blog posts and social media content that will attract the client of your dreams like a magnet.

Local SEO

If you serve clients in your local community and are looking for ways to build up your local presence in Google search results, Local SEO will help you reach more people in your local area.

SEO Website Redesign

Has it been several years since you’ve updated your website? Are you in the process of rebranding your business? A Search Engine Optimized Website Redesign might be the way to go for you if you need a new website design, updated branding, or you’re shifting focus in your business.

SEO Consultations

If you simply have a few SEO questions that you want to talk through or you’re looking for some expert guidance on how to get more visibility in search engines, I offer 30- 60- and 90-minute SEO Consultations.

Are you ready to have your web presence work harder for you?

Let’s chat through your online marketing goals and create a custom SEO plan for your business! I offer a free 20-minute consultation for small business owners that are ready to grow their business online.